STATWARE™  is an integrated, streamlined, paperless platform to manage and view all aspects of your drug testing program.   This state of the art web based program allows test administators to link to a nationwide network of services for every aspect of the drug test process.   


  • Comprehensive Solution – Handle every aspect of your drug-testing program in one place
  • Consolidation – Billing, Test Protocols, Clinics, Labs, MRO, Instant Devices, Pricing, Result Reporting, User Access, Management Reports
  • Cost Control – Create profiles according to the services and test packages selected by management 
  • Compliance Engine - State law alerts in real-time



  • Cloud-Based  -  There is nothing to install and all your data is backed up automatically and stored securely
  • Work Flow - Walks the user through the drug test process with ease, reduces errors, and enforces compliance 
  • Instant Results - Record an instant test result and report in real-time
  • Electronic Ordering - Order and schedule a laboratory drug test, alcohol test, and physical exam
  • Collection Site Locator - Locate clinics which offer the service needed
  • Result Status  - Track the test status and access results
  • Randoms - Upload employee list and generate random selection list
  • Reporting - Generate reports, including DOT MIS report
  • Documents - Access CCF & and exams
  • Performance - Reduce Errors & Improve Compliance with Federal and State Laws
  • API Solutions – Ability to interface with your software system