Consolidate testing and automate your drug of abuse testing with the right analyzer and reagent combination for your laboratory.  Chemistry analyzers are finely tuned machines that can run hundreds to thousands of test per hour depending on your workload.  A common myth is that Automation is expensive and hard to do.  For on-site labs that the perform an increasingly high number of test samples per month automation is often less expensive and more efficient than one might think.

Decide who to test, when to test, and what to test with just the click of a mouse.

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Automated testing integrates all the steps

  • Randomized Scheduling and Testing
  • Chain of Custody, Test Result, and Participant Tracking
  • Barcoding Specimens
  • Testing the Sample
  • Electronic Reporting and Notification of Test Results

Automated testing reduces inaccuracies that result from human error, subjectivity, and provides the flexibility to adjust drug panels for randomized testing or abuse trends in your region.

Turn Key Analyzer Lease Program Includes:

  • Analyzer
  • Software
  • Reagents
  • Calibrators & Controls
  • Consumables
  • Equipment Training
  • Software Training
  • Initial Validation
  • Maintenance

Keep Participants Guessing With Randomized Testing and Randomized Scheduling