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Alcohol Level Screening Devices

      QED A150
Saliva Alcohol Test-DOT Approved Picture

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Saliva Alcohol Test-DOT Approved

Saliva alcohol screen that detects the Blood Alcohol Level of an individual,
up to .15. The tests is run on saliva by swabbing the mouth, and then pressing the saturated swab into the red center. It will run like a thermometer,
with both a control line, and a line indicating the level of alcohol in
the system of the individual.

QED with Box


      AlcoScreen* Saliva Test Strip
AlcoScreen Saliva Test Strip Picture

Non-DOT/DOT Approved
(For Forensic Use Only)

These strips will detect an individual's Blood Alcohol Level at or beyond .02.
The test uses saliva for detection and the strips will change color
only if alcohol is present.

*These products are NOT intended for medical diagnosis.
(For Forensic Use Only)


      BreathScan Alcohol Test

BS02, BS05, BS08

Alcohol test tubes that detect various levels of alcohol based on the tube detection level specified. The tube is squeezed to break the center, and then blown into, causing the crystals to change in color if the alcohol level has reached or surpassed that point. Available in .02, .05, and .08.

BreathScan Alcohol Test


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